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What is The Bling Effect About?


We are committed to helping our communities realize and achieve their full potential through our philanthropic efforts. Promoting and encouraging our young athletes in the values of teamwork, learning, confidence, dedication, and sportsmanship through the sport of Cheerleading & Dance. The use of our comprehensible core values system will help develop characteristics such as accountability, teamwork, leadership, work ethic, and perseverance which are associated with independence and strong leadership.



Striving to be a Premiere Philanthropic Foundation which enhances the quality of life in youth through a value system that understands the importance of chances for girls and women to participate in physical activity. The Bling Effect foundation will use a compre- hensive and developmental initiative, to improve educational opportunities for youth in the community. The Bling Effect Foundation is a non-profit organization established to solicit and receive funding for individuals participating in cheerleading and dance, with efforts to financially support their higher education endeavors.

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